Lignum vitae

Pack of 7 Peruvian Palo Santo sticks to burn.

What is Palo Santo? Palo Santo or Sacred Wood is a protected plant with an aromatic perfume considered magical and sacred that has been used for thousands of years to eliminate bad energies and prevent diseases. Burning Palo Santo purifies environments, scares away mosquitoes and bats and combats bad odors. Its aroma is suitable for meditation, its citrus and woody aroma brings peace and tranquility.

How to use: burn one end of the palo santo until a small flame comes out. Once lit, shake it until the flame goes out and place it on a plate or burner and let it smoke. Each palo santo can be lit more than 50 times.

Our Palo Santo is a 100% natural and certified product. Original from Peru.

Palo Santo wood

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