Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are a natural, eco-friendly way to soften clothes and reduce static, eliminating the need for chemicals.

They naturally soften clothing by the friction of the balls against the fabric, in addition to making it smell cleaner, since wool has the ability to absorb toxins and odors.

They reduce dryer use time by preventing heavy items from balling up. Improves air flow in the dryer. Using several wool dryer balls creates a constant motion, allowing more air to circulate around wet clothes so they dry faster.

They can be scented with our laundry perfumer to also provide fragrance to your laundry.

6 pieces of 7 cm.

More than 1000 uses normally 2 to 4 years.

Premium New Zealand Wool
Unscented and dye-free
No chemicals

Premium New Zealand Wool

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